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Sunday, May 9, 2010

Confessions of a TVholic

I am scared. I am frightened. I am a TV holic and the finales are upon us. What will I do when my weekly fixes of Glee, Smallville, Greys, Private Practice, Community, The Office and so many more are gone. They are leaving me for at least three months, maybe more. Now, I can deal with a summer hiatus, but I will be totally inconsolable after the series finale of Lost airs.

Yes, you heard me correctly, inconsolable. Jack, Kate, Sawyer, Hurley, and the rest of the crew kept my mind stimulated and active. The show also created a miracle… My father who hasn’t watched serial television show since Hill Street Blues became an advocate and fan of Lost. He even got my family hooked after season one took a hiatus and ran on repeats.

One of the most incredible, creative, game-changing shows is leaving us for good. It’s impact on future television shows will be felt for years to come. Let’s have a moment of silence and respect for an incredible and amazing series. Thank you for your shared experience in grieving the show.

I have another confession. I am a fickle reality-show fan. This season’s American Idol contestants have been a unique bunch. I was a Crystal Bowersox fan until a few weeks ago. However, after a few mediocre performances, I’m convinced that Lee Dewyze is da one. The show’s biggest drawback is its predictability. Big Mike will be the next to go, followed by Casey James. My only hope for the show is better choices for the performers. How can the judges be upset that the performers are not making things modern when they give them dated songs to perform. I would like to see modern artists not only help the contestants but feature their songs as well.

Another show that may struggle with its finale is Private Practice. After a season when Violet, the shrink, is in need of major therapy and Addison is in love with a character that has zero chemistry with her (sorry Taye), it’s hard to know who to root for or what you want the end result to be. Private Practice has managed to surprass Grey’s Anatomy for content and storylines. Hopefully, the finale will stick to the same quality that the season has maintained and not jump the shark.

You may find this column ridiculous, even preposterous. Perhaps, you think I should read more, attend events and get my butt out there in the real world. Fear not, I am out there interacting with others, doing things during the day and not. I will end this column with a note and a confession. Consider it my attempt at taking the first step toward healing. My name is Liz Tramer and I, I am a … TV holic.